Electrode Wire for Wire Electric Discharge Machine

Electrode Wire for Wire Electric Discharge Machine

Cut Wire or Brass Wire
SBS >> CU65% ,ZN35%
SBG>>> Cu60% , Zn 40%
Application: General purpose
Diameter: 0.10-0.30 mm

1.Brass wire with stable & High quality      
2.Produced  by  Sumitomo's drawing Long History technology     
3. Applicable for varios EDM and process method     
4.Enables process accuracy  require for long hours and automated operation     
5. Keep working continously  longer because surface is clean from the dust


Sumi Spark     
Application: High Precision     
Core Material : High strength piano wire + Brass Y plating.     
Diameter: 0.03-0.01 MM.     
High precision wire coated with brass Y layer that contribute to higher discharge on wire surface     
Average 30 % higher procees speed      
Superior in Speed and Tension